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Looking for a new place to live? Idaho may be the place for you. If you are an outdoor recreational enthusiast, Idaho may very well be the place for you. Boise and the surrounding areas are literally only minutes from numerous outdoor activities. Consider the following list of activities within 1 hour of the Greater Boise area

1. Fishing, hunting, golf, rafting, mountain biking, cycling, snow skiing both downhill and cross country, back packing, boating, water skiing,horseback riding,Ballooning,hang gliding,water skiing,sailing,sailboarding,

kayaking,swimming , scuba diving,ice fishing,ice skating, jet boating, mountain climbing and rock climbing, dirt bike riding. of course  there are also

 all of the traditional sports available. Can you think of any where that all of these outdoor sports are available within 1 hour of a major metropolitan area??? And in a clean environment? I doubt it. This is what makes Idaho such a great place to live. Being an Idaho native, this is what keeps me from leaving. I can literally go any direction from my home in Eagle and in less than 1 hour engage in any or all of these activities and be home in time for dinner. So if you are looking for a great new place to call home, and outdoor recreation is high on your list, give me a call and see what a true Idaho native can do for your life in the outdoors.

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